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#eventka is hashtag, party or instagram printer for your event, party, wedding or any occasion. 

Photographs from instagram or twitter can be printed instantly in perfect quality and own graphic.

Just tag your photo on your event :)

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  • Instagram - Grey Circle

how  does it  works?

take your picture and upload to instagram or twitter
  • Black Twitter Icon
  • Black Instagram Icon
tag it with unique hashtag of your event 
print your picture on #eventka printer

quests  can  pick  and print the photo  thru touch  screen 
quests  will  upload  the  photos  on  instagram  or  twitter  with unique  #hashtag  of  the  event

desing  of  the  printing  graphic  will  be prepared  and  created  for  by  us


what  are  the  costs?

2 hours

200 EUR

3 hours

270 EUR

4 hours

310 EUR

5 hours

350 EUR


do  you  need  photobooth?  photographer?

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